• Building with Biology digital kit

    Now Available! Building with Biology digital kit

    Access the digital files for the Building with Biology physical kit, including planning and promotional, orientation and training, and educational materials. View digital kit contents

  • Building with Biology

    Building with Biology 2016 physical kit recipients

    Over 160 science centers and organizations have been awarded a physical kit to support their Summer 2016 Building with Biology Events, which will include hands-on activities and forums that foster conversations about synthetic biology between scientists and the public. See list of kit recipients!

  • Introduction to Synthetic Biology and Society

    Video: Introduction to Synthetic Biology and Society

    Designed to help create conversations between scientists and publics about the emerging field of synthetic biology and its societal implications. Watch now

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    Genetically engineered crops appear to be safe, federal expert analysis finds

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  • Building with Biology pilot event

    Interested in participating a Summer 2016 Building with Biology event?

    The Building with Biology kit is designed to help create conversations among scientists and public audiences about synthetic biology in science centers across the country. We encourage scientists and members of the synthetic biology community to participate in an event in near you. Learn how to get involved!

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    Scientists turn bacteria into living hard drives

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Activities and Conversations About Synthetic Biology

Engaging publics and scientists at 200 sites nationwide

The Building with Biology project is a community of informal science educators, researchers, and scientists dedicated to developing innovative resources, practices and processes to build the capacity of the field to use public engagement with science (PES) activities to extend STEM learning about science, technology, and societal implications through public and scientist dialogue about synthetic biology. Through collaboration with informal science education (ISE) institutions and partnering scientists, a physical Building with Biology kit of hands-on activities and programs is being developed to create conversations among publics and scientists about synthetic biology. During the summer of 2016, two-hundred (200) sites nationwide will participate in Building with Biology events and conversations.

Online workshops and project orientations

To help support Summer 2016 Building with Biology event host sites, we're offering several upcoming professional development opportunities for host site staff, volunteers, and scientists. Online workshops will provide an overview on public forums, the contents in the Building with Biology physical kit, and event and forum evaluations. Project orientations, led by project partner the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), will help scientists learn the context for the Building with Biology project, prepare scientists to approach the hands-on activities as conversations and opportunities to learn from visitors, and the importance of bringing this topic to the public discussion. Orientation also gives scientists a chance to network and ‘meet’ other project volunteers!

Interested in participating in a Summer 2016 Building with Biology Event?

We welcome graduate students, professors, scientists, industry professionals and members of the synthetic biology community (and related fields) to participate in Building with Biology events in your local community. Please fill out this expression of interest form and we’ll help to connect you with a science center/museum in your community hosting an event.

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